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Something Realy nice about a dancing bird !

Das alles geht auf das Konto der Menschen in China die Haifischflossen Suppe essen.

All this becouse of People in China who can afford to eat Shark Fin Soup.

Protecting the Costa Rica Ocean and Coco Island


So wird unser Fleisch & Fisch den wir essen produziert.

This is how our meat and fish is produced. watch?feature=player_embedded&v =tzrRmB40l00#!

The International Trade of Shark Fins / Der Internationale Handel mit Hai Flossen



Music of the Sea
            Empfehlenswerte Tauchguide auf Bali



Lesley Rochat
Lesley Rochat  Shark Warrior




Shark Angels


Mola Mola, Oceanic Sunfish Info


Seaturtle Satellite Tracking



Large Pelagics Research Lab



Global Dive Media Videos from Alex Benedik

SOS Seaturtle

SOS Seaturtle


Videos abot over fishing the oceans



Save the Mantas



Red Sea Sharks



Save our Seas



The Shark Con



Shark Project



Sharkwater, The Movie



The Story of Bottled Water



The Cove, The Movie


The Last Giants, When the Oceans die, The Movie



The Underwater Channel



Our Oceans, The Movie








Hurghada Environmental Organization


Longimanus Project